Monday, 1 August 2016

Solar Energy and its Application in Everyday Life

  • The sun has always been in the sky. But have we ever tried to minimize the coal consumption worldwide? 40% of the electricity is still generated by the coal. Result? Air, water and soil pollution! But Germany is focusing on solar energy resources and other renewable resources. Why? Let us see what made countries like Germany, China and India to think about solar energy resources.

  • Every day millions of workers indulge in the practice of digging out the soil to take the coal out of the Earth. This is necessary but not when the welfare of nature is being compromised. Digging out coal causes soil pollution and deforestation. The suspended coal particles might cause lung diseases. When these suspended particles in the air get mixed with the downpour, the portable water becomes unfit for drinking. We cannot stop producing electricity: it has become one of the basic amenities for human advancement. What can we do? We can gradually shift our energy from producing electricity from coal to producing electricity through solar energy.

  • Is Solar Energy a solution?

  • Science has been developed to such extent that we can cease the compromises made with the welfare of nature. Installing small solar modules on each street light will not only make each street light self sufficient to glow but it will save the cost of electricity transmission through wires. Similarly, replacing conventional lanterns with solar based CFL lanterns can save you from spending money on Lithium cells. You just have to place solar based CFL lanterns under the sun to enjoy the bright light in the night. Since the advancement of technology, solar based LED lanterns are becoming more efficient than the former.

  • Switching to solar energy even in our homes will bring us far away from being dependent on non-renewable resources. Solar home lightening system can be used at home to reduce our dependence on electricity generated from coal and other non-renewable resources.

  • Is Solar Energy a reliable source?

  • This is not a reliable source, of course. When we will switch our dependence on the non-renewable source, we would be relying on the Sun. Everything cannot be replaced by Solar as if it happens, there would be no electricity on a cloudy day. But since scientists and engineers are working towards the advancement in technology, the solar energy can even be stored nowadays. Solar energy can be stored in rechargeable batteries and due to further constant improvements in storing it, solar energy is rapidly heading towards being a reliable source of energy as well.

  • Solar energy is indeed energy of future: it is free and is present in ample amount. If the cost of manufacturing solar products is cut down and it is made a reliable source of energy as well, those days are not far when we would see thermal plants being shut down before our own eyes. Imagine the world to be greener and cleaner without smoke being gushed into the atmosphere like a poison. Imagine the fresh breath we would take every morning and every night. Indeed, electricity from solar energy can be a technology that we can gift to our next generations to come.
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