Friday, 20 January 2017

The Best and Economical Solar Products range is Here.

The Best and Economical Solar Products range is here.

In "Plaza" we are continuously researching on new products for the betterment of Living good and pollution free life.
Our Solar Products can be used in Industry, Home, Hotel, Hospitals, Factory and even you think for your desired solar product and we have that in our Product bouquet.

Plaza Cables Presenting a wide range of Energy Saving Products for your home & office

#PlazaCables Presenting a wide range of Energy Saving Products for your home & office.
Solar ModulesSolar Lantern(CFL & LED), Solar Street Light(CFL & LED), Solar Home Lighting System(CFL&LED), SolarChargeControllerSolar Refrigeration SystemSolar Water PumpsSolar Power PlantsSolar Water Heating Systems(FPC & ETC) 

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Color Codes – Different color wires serve different purposes

Black : Hot wire, for switches or outlets.

Red : Hot wire, for switch legs. Also for connecting wire between 2 hardwired smoke detectors.

Blue and Yellow : Hot wires, pulled in conduit. Blue for 3-4 way switch application, and yellow for switch legs to control fan, lights etc.

White : Always neutral.

Green and Bare Copper : Only for grounding.