Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Solar Home Lighting System

Recent developments have proved that solar lighting system has become the frontier in the lighting scene; gradually replacing the conventional, traditional hardwired lights. Thanks to a better understanding of solar energy, solar lighting has not only become an efficient but also a beneficial source of illumination. Unlike in the past where it had been to be restricted to outdoor places and specific occasions, solar lighting has now become versatile and is being used even in our homes. They could be used outside as security lights, in the shed, in the gardens and even inside the house.
So, why are people now embracing this form of lighting which has now become more than just a novelty object?

·         This source of illumination is pocket-friendly. The only cost incurred is the capital when purchasing the system and it costs nothing thereafter. So basically, there are no maintenance costs or monthly utility bills for lighting your home. This factor actually makes the solar home lighting system a requisite for every home.

·         Solar home lighting system has a lower energy consumption rate as compared to the hardwired lights. The solar powered lights can usually remain brightly lit for 8 to 10 hours. This can be owed to the fact that there have been immense improvements in the field of solar energy.
·         Another reason that this lighting system is gradually phasing out the hardwired lighting system is the ease of installation. Unlike in the past where it was characterized by bulky solar panels and unending lengths of wire, most solar lighting systems have become wireless hence making installation less complicated. This, therefore, means that one can make do without professionals for installation. All one has to do now is just put the panels in perfect place- where there is consistent bright sunlight- and that is all.

·         Solar home lighting systems are a savior in the case of power blackouts, especially at night. An amazing fact about solar lighting systems is that they have rechargeable batteries which store power that can be used later on even in the absence of sunlight. This stored power can be used for up to 8 hours which is basically one night. A perfect example of this is the solar spotlight.

·         Due to its versatility, a solar lighting system can be used almost anywhere within the home. One can easily move the lighting from one point to another if they notice there is not enough light in one place. This is unlike the traditional hardwired lighting system where one has to hire a professional to redo the wiring hence becoming costly and time-consuming.

However, there is a major mistaken belief regarding solar home lighting system; most people believe that the solar lighting is only usable during the summer season and is useless in the winter. In other words, this is trying to insinuate that the sun does not come out during winter, which is wrong. Solar lighting system function even on days that there is not enough sunshine as they are able to save energy in their internal batteries.

To sum it up, solar home lighting systems are a must-have for every home due to the numerous advantages it has. Let us not forget that the world is trying to go green; so why not embrace green energy?

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